Interlevin are the market leaders at branding units for food, drink ice cream companies, helping to provide eye catching fridges and freezers that represent brands to give the maximum effect. 

We can provide help and advice on the most effective ways to brand the unit, both in terms of cost and impact.

Branding is expertly applied to the units before despatch, giving a high quality professional finish.  We can also offer other services such as custom baskets and shelving, scoop washes for ice cream scooping units, custom headers and light canopies.

We can source a wide range of cabinets for branding to suit your requirements and have access to many cabinets not shown on this website.

We have a wide experience of managing an asset base of branded cabinets for customers from small locally owned ice cream companies to multinational  drinks and food companies. We have experience of managing asset bases of up to 60,000 units in the market place.

If you are interested in getting quantities of cabinet branded please contact us  here

Or call us: 01332 850090 and ask to speak to Tracey or Justin.