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Does it matter where it is made?

Does it matter where it is made?

We often get asked where a cabinet is made. Interlevin import from all over the world, Italy, Spain, Portugal, China, South Africa, Turkey, Denmark. To us it's not important where it is made but how good the factory is, are they reputable and do they consistently produce quality product. All manufacturers we buy from get visited at least annually by Interlevin to check on quality procedures and to make sure standards are kept high. We also work closely with all our manufacturers and have an in house environmentally controlled testing facility through which all cabinet must pass rigorous tests and quality checks before we import and sell into the UK market place. This enables us to advise factories and work with them on changes that need to be made to ensure a unit is suitable for the UK market. You can be assured that all units we sell have been tested to a very high level and made in a factory renown for quality products. Wherever in the world that is.

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